STREAM - Fishing floats manufacturer

Production of balsa floats, monofilament and braided line since 1993. Range of products includes over 200 types of balsa floats, over 30 types of line and cords, as well as private label production. STREAM is a registered trademark and all rights are owned by SIA STREAM.

The range of our goods and services include

Team Spirit

STREAM floats from balsa, over 200 types

Team Spirit

STREAM fishing and fly fishing lines, over 30 types

Team Spirit

Manufacturing of private label products

We feature:

Vast experience The company has been manufacturing its production since 1993. The accumulated experience let us manufacture only the products of the highest quality. All the float models are based on series of research work and both professional sportsmen’s and float fishing.
European materials We cooperate only with European suppliers of related components, which gives us the opportunity to offer You the products of excellent quality.
Best quality balsa Only the best grades of balsa wood R 5 are used for crafting STREAM fishing floats. The best correlation of balsa density and its strength-to-weight ratio made this wood essential in manufacturing of STREAM floats.
Modern equipment  We use most up-to-date machinery in the majority of process stages. This provides excellent quality of treatment and assembly.

We are always glad to implement all your requests in the shortest time and on beneficial terms.

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